December 29, 2014

Wishlisted Books

I love reading, and have always been a huge reader. When I was younger, I read more fiction novels and series. While I still read fiction, my new favorite reading materials are (usually nonfiction) books that after I have read, I can display around my room. For Christmas this year, about 80% of my wish list was comprised of coffee table books. I received some great books like this one, these books are still on my wish list.

1. Debutantes: When Glamour was Born by Diana Oswald

I love debutantes and debutante balls. Paired together with my love for fashion, this book is a dream come true! 

I've had the opportunity to flip through this book, and it was very difficult to leave the bookstore without taking it home with me! The detail in the photos as well as the clothes themselves are amazing, and the fact that the backdrop of the book is New York City only makes it better.

3.Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style by Jeffrey Banks

How can you possibly go wrong with this book? It is filled with a history of preppy clothing, from Lilly Pulitzer to J. Press. It also focuses on the presence of preppy clothing on Ivy League campuses.

A great collection of photos taken during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Many of my favorite classic film stars are featured such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. 

5. Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Holidays by Jay Mulvaney/Lilly Pulitzer

One of my favorite coffee table books is Essentially Lilly: A Guide to Colorful Entertaining, and I was excited to learn there is another book in the series. Lilly was known for her superb hostess skills this book is filled with great tips for your parties as well as inspiration from Lilly's own parties.

I absolutely love Kate Spade's products. Have you ever wondered where they get the inspiration for a some of their products like this bag or these pom poms? In this book, you get a behind the scenes look at what inspires the brand to make their fabulous goods.

This book is a reference of where to find the best sweets in New York City - from macarons to gelato!   

8. Grace Kelly Style by Kristina Haugland, Jenny Lister, & Samantha Erin Safer

I have a fascination with Grace Kelly, in my opinion she is one of the most elegant women to appear in film and the fact that she is a princess only deepens my fascination. I also love the clothing from the time period she maintained a high-profile status, so this book is definitely on my must-read list.

9. New York: A Mod Portrait of the City by Zdenek Mahler/Vladimir Fuka

The illustrations in this book look amazing, and it reminds me of one of my other all-time favorites, This Is New York.

I'm fascinated by anything pertaining to the Royal Family. Kate Middleton is one of my idols, and anytime I see a picture of her and William and George it instantly cheers me up. 

Have you read any of the books on my list? Are there any other recommendations that I should include? Let me know!

August 26, 2014

Top 10 Picks : J. Crew New Arrivals

J. Crew is one of the best stores to buy fall staples from. They consistently carry the best lightweight blazers, sweaters, and shirts which makes the transition from summer easy (at least on your wardrobe!) Below are my top ten picks from the J. Crew new arrivals which easily can be worn from late summer through late fall.

1. The Lambswool Shirttail Sweater looks so comfortable. The portion that is blue knit is versatile, and the striped shirttail portion of the sweater makes it stand out! 25% off with code ALMOSTFALL

2. Sophie Plaid loafers bring a pop of color to a plain outfit, or match with a red, yellow, green, or of course navy blue top. 25% off with code ALMOSTFALL

3. Printed Silk Snood has the cutest little tassels, and I love the contrasting stripes. 

4. Bulldog Trouser Socks are perfect under riding boots or tucked under pants. From far away its difficult to tell what exactly is on the socks, but up close you can see the bulldog's adorable expressions!

5. Colorblock Football Tee while I don't usually like pink and grey paired together, I love the two specific shades of each side by side. The tee looks so comfortable and lightweight, and you can even add a monogram!

6. Silk-Cutout Tee I normally don't ever wear shirts with cutouts, but I love how these cutouts fall along the neckline and sleeves.

7. Andie Cord one in every color please! The orange is so festive for fall, and the rest of the colors are such perfect washes. 25% off with code SALETIME

8. Regent Blazer with Beaded Collar while the beaded collar isn't my favorite, I love the houndstooth and classic fitted silhouette.

9. Happy Plugs Earbuds a much cuter version of the standard Apple headphones, microphone and remote included!

10. Printed Leather Pouch for some reason, all of the little bags I keep in my purse are navy blue which blends right in with the black lining. Hunting around for things (especially my wallet) can get pretty annoying but I think this purse is the perfect solution!

What are some of your favorite arrivals from J. Crew?

August 25, 2014

10 Back to School Picks

Back to school shopping has always been something I've looked forwards to practically since school ends during the spring. I always end up with way more than was on my list going into the store (much to my dad's dismay!) This year school seems to be starting so early, before Labor Day! On the first day of school, I may not be mentally prepared for all of the work ahead of me, but I know that I will have all of my gear! Below are some of the items at the top of my list this year.

1. Lilly Pulitzer agenda keeps me organized!

2. Erasable Highlighters are perfect for dense reading assignments

3. Moleskine Notebooks color coded / 1 per class

4. Sailboat Folders have the cutest design, and the rest of the online store is just as adorable!!

5. Dalmatian Stapler for the millions of packets/handouts/papers

6. Pencil Set your friends will want to borrow!

7. Backpack that is comfortable and stylish

 8. The perfect Pen

9. A Pink Legal Pad to feel like Elle Woods

10. A Lilly Pulitzer speaker to listen to music (I like classical) while studying

What school supplies do you have on your list this year?